Principal & Design Director

Tammara has over twenty-five years of experience in the design and textile industry. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Washington, and uses classical concepts to control composition, lighting, and perception of her designs. With her artistic background, each of Tammara’s projects takes on a life of its own.

She believes that there is no room which is the same; each home, space, and person has a personality – it is her job to envision and bring that to reality. Attentiveness to the home’s history and style underlies her overall design decisions. As an artist, she has an innate understanding of how colors interact to create a cohesive, finished project. She is continuously inspired by textures and patterns, which lends to a playful relationship amongst scale and juxtaposition. Tammara’s fulfillment comes from creating a connection between her clients and their homes, to create new, inspired space from a familiar one.


Carolyn’s lifelong appreciation for the natural beauty of her surroundings has found its expression in her work at Tammara Stroud Design.

She began her career by studying French-English interiors, successfully co-owning Seattle interior’s boutique, Jermain’s. After taking time off to raise her two daughters, she restarted her career at Tammara Stroud Design in 2011.

Carolyn brings a reflective eye to each client’s home, reworking the balance of a room to foster community and togetherness. She enjoys combining textiles, color, and textures; however, her true passion is the integration of collected treasures into fresh spaces. Carolyn enjoys creating beautiful and comfortable spaces which are inspired by her love for flora and fauna, which forms a natural elegance into the aesthetic.

Designer & Project Manager

Alexandra has over seven years of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. After graduating with her master’s degree in structural engineering, she worked as a structural designer and project manager primarily designing sustainable mixed-use structures. Her specialty however was the realization of the aesthetic vision of highly detailed architectural features such as sculptures, stairs, and architectural focal pieces. She prides herself on her organization, creative problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

Though her professional background began as highly technical, she has a life-long passion and appreciation for art and textile. She is an artist in her own right, enjoying painting and sculpting in her free time. Alexandra finds inspiration from her favorite art eras ranging from belle époque to abstract expressionism.

Since joining Tammara Stroud Design in 2021, she has brought a new perspective to the team with her technical and artist background.

“I strive to create environments that inspire the eye and the soul.”

– Tammara Stroud